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Beautiful and Unique — Skippack, PA

Skippack is a unique small town that offers a great deal: First Fridays, Skippack Days, classic car shows, unique shops, wonderful restaurants, outdoor activities, a vibrant live music scene, an outstanding community theater, amazing history, beautifully restored buildings, fine art, and terrific people.

All Skippack shops and restaurants are owned by individual entrepreneurs. When you visit a local shop, there is a good chance you will meet the owner. We are a real American small town where people know one another, each individual matters, and everyone who visits is welcomed.

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Skippack Days: Our Biggest Fall Event

During evening and early dawn hours before Skippack Days, crafters, food vendors, and hawkers of assorted wares set up tent-like structures along the sidewalks and in the parking lots; modern day nomads traveling across the suburban desert and creating a temporary encampment along Skippack Pike. And following the rise of these temporary structures come people, […]


Miss Hawkesworth Rocks the One-Room Schoolhouse, in Skippack

Get ready to go back to school. Way back. This weekend, Miss Hawkesworth’s one-room schoolhouse recreates the experience of attending school early in this nation’s history. The schoolhouse is part of Washington’s Encampment in Skippack, a fun-filled annual living history event, which takes place this Saturday and Sunday, Sept 24 and 25, at the IndenHofen […]


Pursued by a Bear, in Skippack

Tomorrow is a special evening in Skippack. One of the times I look forward to most of all. Mrs. Skippack Blogger and I will leave the house, walk into town, and head to the Barn theater on Store Road, home of Playcrafters of Skippack. A peaceful evening walk thru a beautiful village, followed by great […]


Midsummer Night’s Magic, in Skippack

There’s a magical being in our beautiful village — the knavish sprite called Robin Goodfellow, otherwise known as Puck. There are others as well — Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, and Mustardseed. And traveling in a different circle, you may meet Peter Quince, Nick Bottom, and Francis Flute. Please give them a warm welcome to town. I […]